The​ British Royal Family are either be​love​d or loathe​d by the​ir pe​ople​, de​pe​nding on the​ we​e​k, but how are​ the​y vie​we​d across the​ world?

The British have arguably the most famous monarchs on the planet and contribute nearly £1.8 billion to the economy every year.

Their popularity on the international stage is a great source of revenue for Britain but have you ever wondered what the rest of the world actually think about The Queen and Co?

Thanks to the statistics company Statista we can see what opinions of the royal family are like in 15 major countries around the world.

Take a look at the map below.

Picture: Statista

Interestingly, of the countries surveyed Romania came out on top with a net 51 per cent of Romanians having a positive opinion of the royals.

At the other end of the spectrum, Argentina held the monarchy in the least favourable light with a negative net of 8 per cent of the South American nation having a negative opinion of them.

Interestingly, barring Romanian, it was countries outside of Europe that preferred the royals with the likes of Saudi Arabia, India and the USA who were loving all things royalty related.

European nations like Germany, Sweden, France, Turkey and especially Spain didn't share those sentiments.

Data was gathered between March 23 and April 6, 2018, and over 20,000 adults across 28 nations were surveyed.

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