A map of the world that everyone will find offensive


Some people like to watch the world burn.

And what better way to do so, than to create a map that is designed to offend literally everyone in it?

Like, every single person.

Reddit user Ghastly42 decided to gather countries' prejudices, awkward histories and annoyances, and juxtaposed them onto the map of the world.

Kazakhstan features the face of Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedic character Borat. Britain's is, you've guessed it, the EU. While Italy's is US pizza chain Domino's Pizza, which many feel have ruined their national dish.


Australia’s landscape is filled with shrimp, in reference to a TV advert from the 90s, in which Paul Hogan tells people to “come and say g’day” to Australia, and that he’ll “slip an extra shrimp on the Barbie” for you.

Urban dictionary says it’s a term used to be hostile towards tourists. Woops.


It's all a mess. Seriously.


Can't we​ all just ge​t along?

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