Royal Mail unveils new set of stamps showcasing migratory birds
Royal Mail’s new stamps feature migratory birds (PA)

Royal Mail has unveiled a new set of stamps depicting migratory birds, exploring the spring and summer bird visitors to the UK.

The 10 featured birds have been illustrated for Royal Mail by Irish ornithologist Killian Mullarney, one of Europe’s best-known bird artists, whose work has featured in the Collins Bird Guide and on stamps issued in the Republic of Ireland.

The stamps showcase the diversity of migratory birds that arrive in the UK, from seabirds that migrate along the UK’s coastline, such as the Arctic skua and Arctic tern, to the rare bird of prey, Montagu’s harrier.

Other birds on the stamps include the stone-curlew, swallow, swift, turtle dove and yellow wagtail.

David Gold, of Royal Mail, said: “The migratory journeys of the birds featured on these stamps are truly amazing. Their annual travels have fascinated and baffled naturalists for centuries.

“It is only now that we are beginning to understand what drives and maintains this amazing, high-risk–high-reward behaviour. We hope that these stamps ignite a new interest in this remarkable phenomenon.”

The stamps will be available from Thursday.

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