Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says ‘There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians’ and people can’t believe it

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says ‘There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians’ and people can’t believe it

Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with taking information from Russians.

Of course, you might have thought that would be a problem for national security, considering there’s just been a two year investigation into the potential impact of such a thing.

But apparently not, according to Rudy Giuliani.

Nothing wrong with it, apart from the danger of committing treason…

When asked by Jake Tapper about former presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s criticism of Trump, Giuliani hit back with a bizarre defence.

He said:

Come on, stop the bull. Stop this pious act that you [Romney] weren’t trying to dig up dirt on people…

And it only got weirder from there…

Who says it’s even illegal?

There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians! It depends on where it came from… People get information from this person, that person.

Giuliani did admit that he probably wouldn’t have taken the information if he’d been asked, “out of an excess of cautious”.

But still, it’s insane that the president’s lawyer doesn’t think it’s wrong to take damaging political information from a foreign country.

We might be desensitised to political misconduct by now, but sometimes you just have to say - Wow. How did we get here?

The internet understandably went wild over the claim.

Some people marvelled at Giuliani’s legal skills, which somehow manage to always put Trump in more trouble than before.

And more than a few pointed out that if Obama or Hillary Clinton had taken information from the Russians, Republicans wouldn’t have been so kind…

Giuliani argued forcefully that what the Trump campaign did was not a crime but that’s not necessarily true, as lawyer Amee Vanderpool explained.

What Donald Trump Jr and other Trump campaign members did was not necessarily legal, according to Vanderpool.

Instead, Mueller worried Trump Jr could argue that he didn’t know he was breaking the law in his defence.

And if Giuliani had taken the information, it could have been a different story – because he has the legal knowledge to know it’s not okay.

Whatever Trump is doing for Giuliani, it surely can’t be worth this level of embarrassment?

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