Scottish independence: what you need to know

Monday 08 September 2014 10:30

With 10 days left before Scotland goes to the polls, the Yes campaign has taken the lead in opinion polling for the first time. Here is an abridged guide to next week’s historic vote.

Famous Scottish yes supporters

Just about every contemporary writer or artist, young and old, that I know has declared they'll be saying a big ‘Yes’ to ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’… There is a very powerful drive towards cultural and political autonomy. A desire to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves.

  • Liz Lochhead

I think Scotland is on the brink of great and exciting things. It’s actually beginning to realise itself now. The nationalist debate seems to have got a lot more mature. The two countries have gone their separate ways, so independence seems inevitable.

  • Irvine Welsh

The ‘Yes’ campaign has centred on a positive vision for Scotland. It is rooted in inclusiveness, equality and that core democratic value that the people of Scotland are the best guardians of their own future.

  • Sir Sean Connery

Famous Scottish No supporters

Eight-hundred thousand Scots, like me, live and work in other parts of the United Kingdom. We don't live in a foreign country; we are just in another part of the family of the UK. Scots living outside Scotland but inside the UK might not get a vote in the referendum, but we have a voice and we care deeply about our country.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson

My hesitance at embracing independence has nothing to do with lack of belief in Scotland's remarkable people or its achievements. The simple truth is that Scotland is subject to the same 21st century pressures as the rest of the world. It must compete in the same global markets, defend itself from the same threats and navigate what still feels like a fragile economic recovery.

  • JK Rowling

I am a proud, patriotic Scot, passionate about my heritage and my country. But I am not a nationalist.

  • Susan Boyle