You can't envy Sean Spicer, being a President's press secretary can't be an easy job - especially in the age of "alternative facts".

It's not been a particularly great week for him, on Tuesday he had a little bit of a bad day when he took to the podium with his lunch still in his teeth (and was mercilessly mocked).

Yet, somehow - that wasn't his most embarrassing moment of the week. He's actually topped that - and held an absolutely disastrous press conference yesterday.

He told the press they need to stop their "obsession with who talked to who and when." Because errrr, that's not their job or anything...

It seems Spicer is a little confused about what exactly his job is too.

When questioned about some of the problematic things Trump's been tweeting recently...

He said POTUS's tweets should "speak for themselves".

Spicer also responded to reports that Eric Trump told Forbes he will give his Father "quarterly updates" on his business - despite it being in a 'blind trust'.

The press secretary said he "didn't know" if Donald and Eric Trump were speaking.

I don't know if they've spoken.

​I think everything that he's done is in accordance with what the counsel's office and the ethics folks.

Earlier this week he also said that Trump is "committed to empowering women".

The same Donald Trump that boasting about 'grabbing women by the p***y' and wrote this tweet.

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