The secrets of the exclusive elite dating apps you're not invited to

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Ever wondered where all the good ones have gone? Is every swipe not worth the hype?

Well, it turns out there's now an elite Über-Tinder platform for the rich and fabulous.

According to TechCrunch, for at least the last six months Tinder has been trialling a new platform called Tinder Select.

Tinder apparently invites certain users into the inner circle, such as CEOs, models and celebrities.

Those invitees can nominate others, but those nominees cannot, preventing the exponential spread through the rest of the Tinder dross.

Users can still, however, access regular Tinder, as the Tinder Select pool is self-evidently small.

TechCrunch suggests that a factor for deciding which beautiful people to invite is the Tinder Elo score, an algorithm which calculates your rating or "desirability" on Tinder.

Much like your Uber rating, that's probably a stat you'll regret finding out.

But Tinder aren't exactly the first to the elite dating game....

Here are three other platforms and apps which can help you sort the wheat from the chaff (if you're not chaff yourself):


"An exclusive platform for people in creative industries," (i.e. celebrity dating app) Raya only grants access to those who were recommended by a current member.

According to their website, they say their "application process" is reviewed by an "anonymous global committee" in order to maintain their standards.

So if you're not an actual celebrity, you must at least have access to a huge Instagram following or a cool and creative job.

Members include Avicii, Cara Delevingne, Terri Hatcher and at least one of the Jonas brothers.


Bumble is still the app taking the online dating world by storm, pretty much because only women can start conversations.

And now they've launched VIBee: a verified tier within the app which is designed to promote good behaviour, i.e. thoughtful swiping and dependable responses.

The alogrithm takes into account factors such as whether you've been reported for spam or abuse, and how much you follow up on conversations.

If only there was a platform like that for life...

The League

Using data from LinkedIn on schools and profession, as well as your photos from social media, The League vets applicants based on attractiveness, intelligence and education.

They also boast several handy features, such as blocking your coworkers, business connections and Facebook friends (no more awkward swipe dilemmas).

The absolute last word in elite dating.

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