These are the most swiped right names on Tinder

Wil Jones
Thursday 26 January 2017 13:00
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How desperate are you to get more matches?

There are lots of reasons why you might not be having much success on Tinder at the moment. Maybe it’s your endless selfies on Instagram, or the lack of a bio, or the pictures of you with sedated tigers in Thailand.

But there’s one variable that you’ve probably never thought of changing - your name.

Ok, it probably doesn't actually make that much difference. But Tinder has released the five male and female first names that get the most right-swipes, and it's worth a look. Here they are:

Female Names:

  • Hannah
  • Emma
  • Julia
  • Lauren
  • Emily

Male Names:

  • Lucas
  • Ryan
  • Matthew
  • Nick
  • Josh

They’re all quite normal, aren’t they?

And if you really think it’ll make that much of a difference, all the info you need on changing your name by deed poll is here.

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