The most dangerous countries in the world (to take a selfie)

A study by Carnegie Mellon University found 127 selfie related deaths in a seven month period.

More than half of them (76) happened in India, during the study's observation period of March-September 2014.

According to the study a majority of the selfie-related deaths involved persons falling from a great height while trying to take a photo.

Presumably, this was part of an attempt to capture the view that had brought them up so high.

The most common 'selfie death' in India was water related.

Citizens of 20 countries were killed in a way related to taking a selfie.

The report, entitled 'Me, Myself and my Killfie: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths' not only reported on the deaths but analysed what governments were doing to stop them.

For instance, police in Mumbai declared 16 areas of the city, 'No selfie zones', in efforts to reduce the risk of injury or death.

The study also found that most of the fatalities were people younger than 24.

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