How the sexiest man alive has changed 1990-2017, according to People Magazine covers

People magazine, edited by indy100

In case you missed it, Blake Shelton was named People magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' for 2017.

Sorry, let's start again.

Blake Shelton is a country singer, the boyfriend of Gwen Stefani and a judge on the US version of The Voice.

The announcement confused and angered a number of people on Twitter.

Shelton is the latest in a long line of, let's fact it, not very diverse men to win the award, which has been pointed out on social media.

We've made a handy .gif of the winning covers since 1992.

Let's just say there are some rather confusing options for some years.

Picture:Picture: People magazine, edited by indy100

Anyway, vote for your favourite cover in the ranked list below:

If you all vote for Blake Shelton then we're closing this list down because frankly it will be wrong.

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