Shocking drone footage shows state of Donetsk airport after a year of war

Donetsk's Sergey Prokofiev airport was renovated in 2012 in preparation for the European Championship football tournament held in Ukraine that year.

We reported in September that the main terminal building lay in a state of ruin, but new drone footage shows that the damage after a year of war is far more widespread.

Shot by a pro-government group called Army.SOS on Thursday, this eerie video shows aeroplanes, hangars and terminal buildings completely shot to pieces.

Ukraine spent an estimated $14.5bn (£8.9bn) in preparation for the 2012 tournament, but with no end to the war in sight, the infrastructure build and money invested looks to have been wasted.

The Independent's Oliver Carroll reports that the airport is a strategic and symbolic point for both sides of the war. The pro-Russian forces claimed this week that the airport had been taken under their control and a rebel flag was seen flying over the terminal building.

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