Hope not hate/Facebook
Hope not hate/Facebook

In a country full of despair, a Brexit Britain that's seeing racist attacks rise, economic instability, and political turmoil, signs of hope are welcome.

There have been a handful of notable efforts of togetherness as the country falls to pieces. It's a sensitive time.

Across the country, people are wearing safety pins in solidarity with immigrants.

And yesterday, a big board appeared at Euston station that further exemplified the fact that many in Britain believe in the widely heralded fromage not Farage philosophy. In London, there have been scores of reported showings of racist abuse.

A photo of the sign was posted on Facebook by the Hope not Hate page and at the time of writing had been shared nearly 4,000 times, and liked by thousands more.

It reads:

Hello to all you beautiful and valued 'immigrants'...we want to say sorry for all the disgusting racists who had made you feel unwelcome. They embarrass and hurt the rest of us. Please take a flower and know we care

Hundreds have commented on the post. Not all of them are a nice, naturally. Unfortunately, the message contains a spelling mistake.

But overall, people have reacted positively to the message...it's just a little sad that in 2016, it's needed at all.

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