Spain may force Brits to prove they can spend £85 a day and Brexiteers are furious

Spain may force Brits to prove they can spend £85 a day and Brexiteers are furious
Simon Calder explains how Brexit contributed to Dover travel chaos
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Brexiteers have been left fuming after Spain announced it may force British tourists to prove they can spend £85 a day to enter the country.

Spain has long been a popular tourist destination for Brits looking to get some sun, but now tourists may be made to prove that they are able to fund their trip with €100 per day (£85).

Visitors may also be made to prove they have accommodation for their time in Spain, as well as a return or onward ticket out of the country, and an additional €900 (£766.94) minimum in funds.

Since leaving the European Union, UK passport holders have become third-country nationals – in many cases are now unable to use automatic e-gates in EU countries and now face such extra checks.

The decision by Spanish authorities has left Brexiteers livid, while those who wanted to remain in the EU and keep our freedom of movement are unsurprised.

Responding to the news on Twitter, someone wrote: “Brexit truly is the gift that keeps on giving.”

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Another said: “More Brexit benefits? #BrexitReality.”

Someone else added: “And another brexit benefit, known about before the referendum…”

One furious Twitter user said: “Great Do NOT go to Spain. Tired of these anti-Brexit EU countries pushing us around.”

Another angry Brit wrote: “F**k Spain then. There are plenty of other Countries to choose from that won't take the p*ss.”

Someone else replied informing them: “And you’re a third country resident in 27 of them now.”

It also comes as there have been 6-hour-long queues at the Dover port – something that Remainers predicted and was mocked by Brexiteers.

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