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The online world of stock images is a weird and wonderful place and it can throw up all sort of bizarre photos.

Just take a look at these images of planes or scientists for example.

Although they are fairly cringe-worthy pictures, at least the people involved seemed to know what they were taking part in.

That isn't always the case for the folks who sell their images to stock photo sites, as you can never be sure where they will end up.

This brings us nicely to a newly-viral Twitter thread.

The Twitter user @marleybennett shared a joke tweet on 2 June after he noticed that he shared a striking similarity with a man pictured on the health warning seen on a packet of tobacco.

The first response came from Yair Kivaiko from Israel, who shared a picture of himself and his parent's dog which had inexplicably ended up as the lead image on an article about bestiality.

How did this innocent selfie with the lovable pooch end up on such an unsavoury article? Speaking to The Sun, Yair explained what happened.

It was just a photo I'd taken for fun with my parents' dogs in their backyard about four or five years ago and I decided to sell it via an app online to make some extra cash.

I was mortified when I saw it on an article about bestiality.

It took me a really long time to tell my friends and family what had happened. I would never want to be recognised as "that guy" by people that had read the article.

36-year-old Yair did go on to explain that he doesn't regret taking the photo at all and although the bestiality story was a bit embarrassing, he revealed that the article is no longer active so there has been no real harm done.

In addition, he said he enjoys seeing the photo appear in other ads and even shared one on Twitter.

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