On Sunday evening the porn star Stormy Daniels took part in a 60 Minutes interview to discuss her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

While talking to journalist Anderson Cooper for CBS, she made several claims about the relationship she reportedly had with the President in 2006.

These included a claim of being threatened to leave Trump alone in 2011, and that she was never attracted to him but that all their encounters had been consensual.

However, the most sordid and sexual comments that Stormy, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, made got the biggest reactions from people who were watching and tweeting along.

One of the biggest topics that got people talking was the claim that Trump asked Stormy to spank him with a copy of Forbes magazine that had his face on the cover.

The unexpected hit from the interview was the completely serious face that Anderson Cooper managed to keep throughout the interview, even when the graphic details were being revealed.

Stormy's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who was also interviewed proved to be a huge hit for his incredibly confident and sassy comments.

People couldn't get over the interview.

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