A troll suggested porn stars can’t be assaulted and Stormy Daniels had the best response


2018 has been an undeniably tumultuous year for Stormy Daniels.

After being paid $130,000 by Donald Trump’s lawyer, money she claims was tied to a non-disclosure agreement after sleeping with President Trump in 2006 (which Trump's lawyer denies), the adult star has had to adjust to intense scrutiny.

While she has no shortage of supporters, there have also been downsides to her new found celebrity status.

After a March 25 interview on 60 minutes, Daniels - whose real name is Stephanie Clifford - claimed that she had been threatened by an anonymous man to “keep quiet”.

But just like her alleged former flame, Daniels is not shy when it comes to calling out her critics on social media.

Particularly those who judge her for starring in adult movies.

In a line of attack that has become typical, the account @Angela_Chochi tweeted that Daniels had given up her “me too” card when she became a porn star.

Daniels is not claiming that Trump assaulted her - but the insinuation that porn stars can’t be victims of sexual assault prompted her to fire back.

Daniels regularly responds to her haters on social media, posting hilarious retorts to those who try to insult her.

If these tweets are anything to go by, we’re in for a stormy year.

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