The 'Straight Pride' flag is just one endless meme

The 'Straight Pride' flag is just one endless meme
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The idea of a “Straight Pride” parade was widely mocked when it emerged that a group called Super Happy Fun America had applied for a licence to hold such an event in Boston this August.

Thousands of people took to the internet to deride the entire concept.

The group of thinly-veiled homophobes were then left without a celebrity mascot, after Brad Pitt threatened to sue, leaving their website looking like this.

But by far the funniest thing to stem from the whole debacle is the “straight pride flag”.

The flag actually appeared in Canada in October 2018, where it was flown in a small New Brunswick town for one day before being taken down due to widespread public outrage.

However, it raised its ugly head back into public consciousness as the news of Boston's "Straight Pride" event broke.

Almost iconic in its monochrome blandness, it invites comparisons both physical and metaphorical to all sorts of undesirable things, and now the memes are endless.

There were inevitably comparisons to jumpsuits of a bygone era.

Some people thought it made interesting points about gender.

Others couldn't help but go political.

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