'Straight pride’ event sends the internet into meltdown

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A group of straight men have attempted to organise a 'Straight Pride' event in Boston, Massachusetts, and it goes without saying that they're getting well and truly roasted for it.

June is Pride Month, historically considered a time to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer history, so the group of three men, calling themselves 'Super Happy Fun America' are attempting to hold their own counter-rally.

According to its website, the group exists to:

celebrate the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community.

Because that's super necessary, isn't it?

Mark Sahady, a well known far-right personality, and vice president of Super Happy Fun America, announced that the 'Straight Pride' parade is tentatively organised for 31 August. Sahady also proposed a parade route that mirrors the path of the LGBT+ Pride parade taking place on Saturday.

In a Facebook post, he wrote:

We will have the streets closed and be allowed floats and vehicles.

This is our chance to have a patriotic parade in Boston as we celebrate straight pride.

Is this what the facepalm emoji was created for? Yes, we think it is.

Managing editor at the New York Times Carolyn Ryan shared a screenshot of Sahady's Facebook post to her Twitter account, where it soon went viral, causing 'Straight Pride parade' to trend.

Thankfully, most of the reaction was extremely negative, which might just restore our faith in humanity a tiny, little bit.

However, one of the most outspoken critics of the event was the band Smash Mouth, who was having NONE OF IT.

According to Boston city, Super Happy Fun America's application for the parade permit has not been approved, which is a necessity to host the event, reports Buzzfeed News.

In response to the outcry, Boston's City Mayor released a statement to Buzzfeed News about the city's planned Pride events:

Every year Boston hosts our annual Pride Week, where our city comes together to celebrate the diversity, strength and acceptance of our LGBTQ community.

This is a special week that represents Boston's values of love and inclusion, which are unwavering. I encourage everyone to join us in celebration this Saturday for the Pride Parade and in the fight for progress and equality for all.

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