These images of everyday street life will change how you see the world

Greg Evans
Friday 09 March 2018 08:30
Picture:(Pau Buscató)

Let's be honest, the day-to-day life and the surroundings of the city or the office aren't exactly the most exciting environments to bask in.

Concrete and magnolia-coloured walls are unlikely to inspire anyone. But for photographer Pau Buscató, the tribulations and aesthetics of everyday life are a source of fun and enjoyment.

The Spanish artist, who is now based in Norway, has been producing a continuing project called 'Hopscotch' since 2014, where he attempts to immortalise the playful things that can occur in the blink of an eye that only a camera can capture.

Picture: Pau Buscató(Pau Buscató)

Picture: Pau Buscató(Pau Buscató)

You may think photos that are this precise cannot possibly be a coincidence, and that Pau must meticulously plan them in advance.

However, that isn't the truth, as Pau believes that the photographs are a snapshot of what was happening at that exact moment and are more of a reflection of his playful imagination.

Speaking to indy100 Pau, explained:

I did not plan the 'Hopscotch'. A project is something that you foresee, plan and then execute... but this is not the case.

I simply started doing Street Photography the way I enjoyed most, without forcing any themes, letting go and being open to whatever my eyes would see in each moment.

If the results are this playful view of our every day, it must be because that is who I am.

Picture: Pau Buscató(Pau Buscató)

Picture: Pau Buscató(Pau Buscató)

Many of Pau's photographs are taken on the streets of London, New York and Barcelona, but he admits that he doesn't always get it right and that it can be a lonely pursuit.

There is no formula. What people should understand is that behind the photographs that I show there are millions of failed ones.

I began with Street Photography in 2012, and my colour work started in 2014. Since then, I have spent countless hours walking the streets of Oslo, London, Barcelona, NYC and others.

This is a very lonely activity too: in order to focus I always need to photograph alone, and I never interact with the people in my pictures.

Picture: Pau Buscató(Pau Buscató)

Picture: Pau Buscató(Pau Buscató)

Although the name 'Hopscotch' will bring back memories of playground games, the origins of the title can be traced back to one of Pau's favourite writers.

The specific name 'Hopscotch' came just about a year ago, when I had to think about a name/concept for an exhibition. It is an obvious, small tribute to writer Julio Cortázar and his 'Rayuela' and short stories.

He had a very playful approach to the world in general, and literature in particular, which I have always enjoyed. And it is also, of course, a reference to the street game. 

Picture: Pau Buscató(Pau Buscató)

Picture: Pau Buscató(Pau Buscató)

If you would like to see more of Pau's work, visit his personal website or follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

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