Taylor Swift drops hints about re-release of ‘Red’ with cryptic crossword clues

Taylor Swift drops hints about re-release of ‘Red’ with cryptic crossword clues

We knew she was trouble when she logged in.

Taylor Swift is puzzling fans with cryptic social media posts (as usual), and her latest teaser seems to hint at the long-awaited re-release of her iconic album “Red.”

On August 5, Swift shared a red-tinted video of a vault, clearly a nod to her re-opening “the vault” and re-recording tracks from the 2012 collection. But that’s not all: The 30-second clip also reveals, via “random” letters, who might be making appearances on the “Taylor’s Version” re-release, and possibly drops some clues about some unreleased, never-before-heard songs, too. Indeed, some devout Swifties suspect they’ve already cracked the code.

Swifties initially spotted possible references to collaborations with Zayn Malik and Phoebe Bridgers, but others quickly decoded what they believe to be the rest of the clues: Nothing, first, forever, Ronan, about, message, winter, thing, every, Chris, Stapleton, Sheeran, stone, think, bottle, better, nights, minute, Phoebe, Bridgers.

Phoebe Bridgers pretty much checks out.

And a Chris Stapleton and Taylor Swift collar would be pretty incredible.

Ed Sheeran’s name is hidden in the puzzle, though die-hard Swift buffs likely already knew that: The musician confirmed having contributed to Taylor’s version of “Red” during an interview on radio show The Official Big Top 40. “I’ve already done it,” he said, when asked if he’d re-record his contribution. “I’ve already recorded it.”

“Taylor’s got a few surprises in store for you, I’ll say that,” Sheeran continued.

Swift lovers have also surmised that the songs “Better Man,” “Ronan” and “Babe” will be on the new and improved album, with some posting full screenshots of what seems to be an updated track list.

Assuming the screenshot of the album is accurate, Swifties believe that track 28 will likely be the song “Run.”

At the same time, however, other Swift supporters noted that she may have already actually given them the answer via the lyrics to “Red” — that there isn’t one.

In the song “Red,” Taylor sings, “ Fighting with him was like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there’s no right answer.” So what is it, Taylor? Is this all just a ploy to confuse us further?! Only time will tell.

I suppose we simply “need to calm down” and “shake it off” until “Red” is re-released in November.

(And if you’re still confused, here’s a Swiftie breaking it all down.)

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