The bosses of ten polling companies told us who will win the election

The bosses of ten polling companies told us who will win the election

Well, actually they didn't, because everyone agrees no one will win.

These numbers all point to a Labour minority government, with support from the Scottish National Party.

Here's what the pollsters said:

Martin Boon (ICM)

"Not much going on really, and no reason to change my mind. Tories by a couple of points."

James Endersby (Opinium)

"Our poll today shows a one-point Tory lead, statistically a tie. It's going to be incredibly tight."

Michelle Harrison (TNS)

"Still no change, but Nicola Sturgeon goes from strength to strength in Scotland."

Andrew Hawkins (ComRes)

"The most likely outcome is Ed Miliband in No 10 because only he will be in a position to work with enough parties (that is, the SNP) to form a workable government."

Damian Lyons Lowe (Survation)

"Ukip's vote share is prone to be squeezed, benefiting the Conservatives, while the SNP's onslaught on Labour continues."

Nick Moon (GfK)

"Tories most seats, SNP 45 or more, Ukip fewer than five: minority Labour government."

Rick Nye (Populus)

"The Populus/HanoverPredictor has Ed Miliband ending up as Prime Minister in more than five out of six simulations we run."

Ben Page Ipsos (MORI)

"A better week for Ed Miliband than for David Cameron – personal ratings improving, and the betting markets moved in his favour."

Joe Twyman (YouGov)

"As each day passes and the Conservatives fail to increase their vote share, the likelihood of Ed Miliband becoming PM (albeit still with a minority) grows."

Michael Ashcroft (Lord Ashcroft Polls)

"My polls are snapshots not predictions."

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