The Britain First story is getting worse and worse for Ukip

The Britain First story is getting worse and worse for Ukip

This is a picture of Ukip campaigners posing with Britain First's candidate Jayda Fransen over the weekend in Rochester, ahead of next month's by-election.

She said Nigel Farage’s followers had “expressed support” and asked for the picture. But following the incident Ukip said its campaigners had been duped, telling the Independent earlier today they rejected any association with Britain First. "A handful of our 200 campaigners on Saturday were photographed by Britain First without understanding the nature of the group and regret that very much."

They went on: "As we have discovered, this is a typical technique of Britain First, a form of political photobomb, to pretend that they have support elsewhere. They do not."

However, Britain First have now claimed that this is a "bluster for the media's sake", saying in a statement on Facebook "Ukip at the ballot box, Britain First on the streets - a winning combination.":

"Britain First has nothing but the utmost respect for Ukip, but we are our own movement.

"The media is desperately trying to cause friction between us, but they won't succeed.

"We understand Ukip has to play the 'political game' so they have to distance themselves from us.

"We advise our supporters to ignore Ukip's necessary political manoeuvres when they condemn Britain First - it's all bluster for the media's sake.

"We wish Mark Reckless [Ukip's candidate, the former Tory MP] all the best in Rochester.

"Ukip at the ballot box, Britain first on the streets - a winning combination!"

i100 has contacted Ukip for a comment on Britain First's allegations.

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