The mystery of how this poster ended up outside Scotland Yard

The mystery of how this poster ended up outside Scotland Yard

This is currently the poster in the bus stop next to New Scotland Yard.

Yes, that's New Scotland Yard: the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police. Awkward.

The posters are fixed behind the glass on Victoria Street, but Clear Channel, who own the advertising space, told it was not an official campaign and would be removed. They were designed by the anarchist magazine STRIKE!, but a spokesperson for the publication, who did not wish to give his name, told they were not behind the posters going up. The magazine has, however, linked to instructions for its followers on how to "interact" with advertising spaces on its Twitter account.

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As well as Scotland Yard, they have also been spotted in Lewisham and north London:

And other anti-consumerist posters designed by STRIKE! have been spotted on the tube.

Clear Channel said in a statement to

On Sunday 14th December, we received information that some of our sites had been accessed and the advertising had been replaced by posters from an activist group.

Our Operations team are attending the sites throughout the night and are re-posting the advertising, in line with our standard practice.

A spokesperson for the Met police said: "We don't have a comment to make at this stage, but we might later."

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