On Friday Theresa May held a press conference, in what appeared to be a warehouse in Grimsby, to once again talk about Brexit.

The prime minister wheeled out her usual spiel on Brexit but it's what happened after her speech which sparked fury.

During the Q and A session, May took only six questions and only one of those was from a woman, which is pretty disappointing considering that it was International Women's Day.

As she was walking away, a clearly frustrated Libby Weiner, ITV's political correspondent, shouted out to the prime minister, to ask why she had ignored the majority of the women in attendance.

Rather than ignore the comment or offer a polite reply, May literally shouted down Weiner with a rather smug response.

All the questions were answered by a woman Prime Minister.

The official Conservative Twitter account has since tweeted a video of the exchange and included the caption 'This answer' complete with a fire emoji.

Whilst the Tories might have seen this as an example of 'hilarious bantz' Twitter users have seen it as rude, dismissive and not feminist in the slightest.

At least she finally managed to answer a question...

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