On Wednesday evening, after the governmernt narrowly survivied a no confidence vote to remain in power, the prime minister Theresa May delivered a late-night speech outside of Number 10.

Her decision to deliver the speech at the end of an historic day in British politics, after winning the no confidence vote by only 19 votes, and a crushing defeat the day before of her Brexit deal, caused a stir.

After the PM ordered that a lectern be placed outside her front door, people began speculating that, surely, this would be big news. A general election? A resignation?

No, of course not.

In true Theresa May style, she literally told us nothing we didn't know before.

To sum it up, a yawn-fest.

Just after 10pm, the embattled PM stepped outside of her front door, and began to speak:

This evening the government has won the confidence of Parliament. 

Overwhelmingly, the British people want us to get on with delivering Brexit.

I believe it is my duty to deliver on the British people’s instruction to leave the European Union and I intend to do so.

She then threw shade at MPs who voted against her Brexit plan on Tuesday, said she was 'dissapointed' in Jeremy Corbyn for not taking part in cross-party talks, and called on politicians to 'put self-interest aside'.

It all got off to a rather awkward start after May's speech was relegated to BBC 2 because of... a football game.

People were also just extremely underwhelmed by what she had to say.

And also a little bit angry.

But some did manage to see the funny side.

Some took issue with her statement that the 'last 24 hours' have been unsettling.

Many were amazed by the fact May had won the no-confidence vote by exactly the same margin as the... Brexit vote.

While others were concerned about Philip May getting his full 8 hours in.

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