In case you haven't seen the news, Brexit isn't really going well.

As expected, Theresa May's maligned EU withdrawal deal was not only defeated in a Commons vote, but it was well and truly thrashed, losing by 432 votes to 202 in the heaviest defeat ever experienced by a British government.

This humiliation prompted opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to table a motion of no confidence in the current regime, which will be voted on this evening by MPs.

Should she lose this vote, it could well set off an unprecedented series of events, the likes of which the UK has never seen before, with the whole concept of Brexit remaining very uncertain.

That's all worth worrying about when it actually happens but, upon reflection, the evening's events proved to be some of the funniest few hours on Twitter in recent memory.

So without further ado, here are some of the funniest jokes and memes from another chaotic day in British politics.

Theresa 'please support my deal' May bore the brunt of the gags.

The Commons vote itself was... Let's just say 'something'.

What about this plan B?

There were *scenes* outside of Westminster.

What about Jeremy Corbyn?

Will we ever leave?

If only Ed Miliband knew how to eat a bacon sandwich properly.

Whatever happens please, just leave the cats alone.

HT The Poke

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