You would think that when your country is on the brink of a major crisis, that its political leaders would set aside their personal conflicts to try to rescue it – but this was clearly not the case in a very awkward exchange between James Cleverly and Andrew Bridgen on BBC this morning.

Bridgen and Cleverly – both members of the Conservative Party – were simultaneously being interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire on BBC this morning when the journalist said:

I'm going to bring in your colleague James Cleverly, he's a Conservative MP. He's vice-chair of the Conservative Party. I gather that you don't necessarily want to talk to each other. Are you happy to?

After a toe-curling moment of silence, Bridgen says: “I'll go, if that’s fine," shuffling past Cleverley without making any eye contact with his colleague.

To make matters worse, Cleverley then keeps a distance, awkwardly standing away from Derbyshire, who finally urges him to move in closer before continuing her interview.

People on social media couldn't let the moment pass, without saying how it is: Tory Party unity on full display.

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