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Several Tory MPs are facing backlash after posting pictures of themselves on Twitter giving away donations to food banks.

Many have taken online to point out the irony that the very people who are responsible for the crisis food banks are having to deal with (or even that they exist in the first place), are the ones trying to regain some good will and "kindness" during the Christmas period.

Even worse, however, is the fact that the apparent act of "good-doing" of four Scottish Tory MPs who posted about their spontaneous decision to drop off a donation at their local Tesco, was also somewhat, shall we say, staged?

At closer inspection of the different tweets, people on Twitter noticed some similarities, mainly in the ways they were written.

These tweets seem anything but "spontaneous", as one Twitter user pointed out, citing the fact that all captions were seemingly copied and pasted from a PR office.

As you can imagine, people weren't very happy with this detail.

With such poor effort, these Tory MPs will definitely not be on Santa's "Nice List".

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