These are the countries that are more polite than Britain

A new survey has found that the British consider themselves the politest bunch in Europe.

Fifty-six per cent of us also believe that our manners are what make us attractive, according to the research by the Jury's Inn hotel group.

While we all know the UK is not quite as well-mannered as Downton Abbey, we do seem to have been deluding ourselves slightly. The study, which questioned 25,000 people revealed some very telling facts about the state of British politeness.

The poll shows that only 83 per cent of people from UK were likely to give up their seat for somebody elderly or pregnant. This may seem high, but not when compared to 87 per cent of German people, and 95 per cent of French people.

Our love of sweary TV icons like Malcolm Tucker also seems to have entered every day parlance.

Accordng to the study as many as 1 in 10 Brits admit to using profanities up to 20 times a day. Jurys Inn broke this data down to find the most foul-mouthed cities, which included Inverness, Leeds, Cardiff, Derby and Sheffield ranging between 38-20 per cent of 20-a-day swearers.

Women were also found to be sweary-er than men by 5 per cent.

“Excuse my French” needs updating, as only half of French people admit to swearing up to five times day.

On a more positive note, Britain does seem to have its priorities right when it comes to pub etiquette. Only 18 per cent of UK pub goers skip buying a round of drinks, compared to 23 per cent of French and 44 per cent of Germans.

At least we can all drink to that.

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