These are the countries we are most and least likely to visit

Around half of the world's countries have only been visited by one per cent of British adults.

Ninety-five countries, including Chile, Ghana, Fiji and Bangladesh, have been visited by one per cent or fewer of adults in the UK, according to Hostelworld's Meet the World report.

It showed that one in eight British adults had never been travelling and the average Briton has visited five per cent of the world's countries - around ten countries overall.

Of the 10 most-commonly visited countries, all but one of them are in Europe (percentage of adults who have visited them in brackets):

1 France (62 per cent)

2 Spain (52 per cent)

3 Germany (41 per cent)

4 US (40 per cent)

5 Italy (37 per cent)

6 Belgium (35 per cent)

7 Greece (32 per cent)

8 Ireland (28 per cent)

9 The Netherlands (27 per cent)

10 Portugal (23 per cent)

While you might be surprised to hear that the average British adult has visited only 10 countries, the average German (eight countries), Australian (six countries), French person (five countries) and American (three countries) are all less well-travelled.

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