These news presenters cracking up about a 'Goat Man' will make your day

CTV News Winnipeg/Twitter

These newsreaders couldn't make it through a story about a 'Goat Man' without laughing.

Cam Deamel tweeted this clip of CTV News Winnipeg host Maralee Caruso cracking up during a live broadcast.

The report that caused the fit of giggles concerned a winner of the 2016 IG Nobel prize (parody awards for unusual achievements and "improbable research", in the style of the actual Nobel Prizes).

Caruso struggled to described the work of winner Thomas Thwaites, who created prosthetic extensions of his limbs in order to emulate the movements of goats, in order to live amongst them.

Thwaites has written up his experience in a bookGoatMan: How I Took a Holiday from Being Human.


Thwaites was the joint winner in the biology category, alongside Charles Foster, who spent time living in the wild as a badger, an otter, a deer, a fox, and a bird - presumably not concurrently.

Now you know Caruso was talking about a guy with goat hoofs for hands, you can see why she cracked up.

She later tweeted Deamel to thank him for sharing the clip.

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