This is what will happen next in the Fifa corruption scandal

Q: Why these arrests now?

A: Because enough important people were gathered in one place, Zurich. And they wouldn’t be for long.

Q: Why two separate investigations?

A: The FBI has been investigating fraud and corruption in Fifa for years, aided by Chuck Blazer, a corrupt Fifa executive committee member turned informant. Its investigation and extradition requests concern transactions either with American banks or companies, and relate almost exclusively to individuals based in the Americas with financial links to the US. Separately, there is a Swiss investigation into corruption in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process, won by Russia and Qatar, which began when Fifa itself called in the police in November. Now Swiss investigators say they have found evidence of money laundering in this process.

Q: Will Sepp Blatter still be re-elected as Fifa president on Friday?

A: In all likelihood, yes. Fifa maintains it is the “damaged party” in the Swiss investigation, and it was Fifa that initiated it by calling in the police.

Q: Could Qatar or Russia be stripped of the World Cup?

A: It’s possible but unlikely. Fifa’s own investigation concluded in November that there was not sufficient evidence of corruption to re-run the process.

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