Picture: Daily Exclusive/YouTube
Picture: Daily Exclusive/YouTube

Sometimes all you need is a kid wiser than his years to give you some much-needed perspective.

Meet 9-year-old Demarjay Smith:

Picture: Ellen DeGeneres/Facebook

Demarjay wants to be a personal trainer when he grows up. And a track runner. And a basketball player.

He appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show in February when a video of him motivating his friends to exercise went viral.

Picture: Ellen DeGeneres/Facebook

But just when you think this young man couldn't get more awesome, he says this:

Either you work hard for it, or you don’t work hard for it. Well, me and my brother, we work hard for our stuff. It don’t come easy. In life, you have to work. Either you want to be the shark of the ocean or the fish of the ocean…strength, no weakness!

The video has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook in a matter of weeks.

Because, seriously, Demarjay has it together better than the best of us.

Talk about goals.

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