This is Reshma, and her beauty vlogs are so much more important than blusher and lipstick.

In May 2014 her brother-in-law reportedly threw sulphuric acid in her face while she was out walking with her sister in the northern Indian town of Allahabad.

She was left severely disfigured and lost her left eye.

Now, she's joined forces with campaign group Make Love Not Scars in a bid to ban the sale over-the-counter acid.

According to the Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI), as many as 1,000 acid attacks take place every year in India. Ninety per cent of victims are women.

In this makeup tutorial with a difference, Rishma shows how to get the perfect red lip.

She explains where you can purchase a red lipstick just like hers; in the supermarket - where you can also buy concentrated acid.

You can help end the sale of acid by signing this petition.

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