Picture: Gap email, seen by indy100
Picture: Gap email, seen by indy100

No matter how hard we try, sexism is still fairly mainstream.

The most recent culprit – and no stranger to controversy – is clothing giant Gap’s new campaign images for children's wear.

In April Gap had been forced to issue a statement defending an advert which was widely criticised as being “passively” racist in its portrayal of a black female model.

It appears to be in hot water again.

On Sunday psychologist duo Andrew and Sabrina noticed something strange about a promotional email Gap UK was sending around:

Picture: Gap email, seen by indy100

Boys are scholars and girls are social butterflies. Of course.

Some people - goodness knows why - took offence to the innocent advert...

Author Malorie Blackman hadn't warmed to it either...

There is some light relief here though. The company managed to make an incredibly ironic spelling error on the little boy's t-shirt, which features a picture of Albert Einstein:

Presumably it was some (boy) genius who got that wrong. Awkward.

indy100 has contacted Gap UK for comment.

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