An Uber driver who claims to have been following the app’s navigation system accidently drove onto a set of stairs.

A white Toyota Camry got stuck on the pedestrian walkway outside a Safeway store in San Francisco.

The driver, who is identified only as ‘Fred’, told Business Insider he had been using the Uber map, and the app had told him to go down the stairs.

There were two passengers in the car who had been using the car pool service, although none of the people in the car were injured.

The car had to be towed away, and the San Francisco police department said there is an on-going investigation.

Uber confirmed with marketwatchthat the driver was driving on behalf of the company, and a spokesperson said they had gotten in touch with the occupants to find out what had happened.

This isn’t the first time a taxi took a wrong turn on those steps. In 2014 a taxi driver from Vina Cab also ended up driving down those stairs.

H/T Business Insider

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