An Uber driver says he turned down the chance to go to a party with Margot Robbie

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For folks in cities, getting an Uber has become an everyday event that is barely thought twice about.

Celebrities are a little different.

The more high profile ones often have a private car or chauffeur to transport them around, you'd assume.

When Uber driver Robert Bregnsdal picked up a woman called Sophia in Gold Coast, Australia he didn't expect it to be Hollywood superstar Margot Robbie.

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The Suicide Squad and Wolf of Wall Street actress, obviously using an alias ("Sophia"), got into the car with her husband Tom Ackerley and were heading to a house party, according to the driver.

Initially, Robert wasn't sure if he had just picked up one of the most famous stars on the planet or not but after chatting for a while he realised it was her and better yet they invited him to the party.

Sadly Robert could go as he'd promised his boys that he would take them to see Star Wars.

He wrote on Facebook:

Swear to god I just ubered Margot Robbie.... that or she has a twin.

He later updated the post to confirm that it was her and (warning) he revealed what they talked about and it included a very strong word.

Can confirm it was her and her boyfriend/husband...probably one of the nicest I've met and very down to Earth.

We also talked about the word c**t...and she loves Smirnoff double blacks.

We can't possibly comment on the nature of the conversation but we hope that they gave him a five-star rating.

Afterwards, as he began to reflect on what had just happened as a strong sense of regret began to take hold as he realised the amazing opportunity that he had just passed on.

Speaking to The Gold Coast BulletinRobert, who is also a DJ, said:

After [the drive] she invited me to come to the house party I said no 'cause I was going to see Star Wars with the boys

Her husband kind of chuckled like 'Ha ha, you don't realise who we are.'

Afterwards, I was like FML.

Still, just imagine how much fun his kids had watching Star Wars.

That's all that should matter.

Robbie's representatives have yet to comment on the story.

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