Tiktok viewers left distressed by woman who accidentally used Gorilla glue on her hair

Tiktok viewers left distressed by woman who accidentally used Gorilla glue on her hair

A viral video of a Tiktok user who mistakenly used Gorilla glue on her hair has left the internet gobsmacked.

Tessica Brown - who goes by the handle @Im_D_Ollady - picked up the notoriously strong superglue because she ran out of her usual product that goes by a similar name.

As a result, it has left her hair firmly fixed to her head for a whole month. It is solid, flat and completely unable to move.

Just when you thought the dog shampoo debacle was brutal enough . Misguided haircare has been such a dominant theme of 2021 so far.

She posted a series of Tiktoks to explain her serious problem.

“My hair has been like this for about a month now - it’s not by choice.

"I’ve washed my hair FIFTEEN times”, she says, sounding just as stressed as you imagine a person would be if their hair could not move.

She followed it up with a video of her attempting to wash the problem away with shampoo, and the impact it has is non-existent.

The Gorilla Glue official Twitter even had to step in, after someone made a fake account on their behalf to give the girl advice.

People are strongly invested in how Tessica will get her hair back to normal again.

Does it hurt to have all of your hair glued to your scalp? What can she use to safely remove the glue? Is new hair growing underneath?

They are dreaming up solutions for her.

Tessica has since posted a short video to thank people for their support. "Thanks for your (sic) guys’ encouraging words and ideas to get rid of this forever ponytail. I will try some today when I get off from work and I will keep you guys posted.

“By the way if you see me walking around with a head scarf or head just mind ya business LOL”.

We wish her the best of luck.

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