TikTok psychics slammed as ‘disrespectful’ after attempting to ‘channel’ Gabby Petito

Self-proclaimed psychics on TikTok have been slammed for sharing their attempts to ‘channel’ Gabby Petito along with their visions on what they think happened in the Petito case.

The disappearance of the 22-year-old influencer and van life blogger prompted a nationwide and social media search after communication with Petito had suddenly stopped.

Earlier this week, police ruled her death a homicide after her body was found in Wyoming. Her fiance and travel partner, Brian Laundrie, has disappeared and been declared a person of interest in the case.

Several self-proclaimed psychics took to TikTok in their attempt to deconstruct the case. TikToker, @kellythemagicalmedium, kicked off with a series of clips starting September 16.

In her first video associated with the case, she disclaimed that she “Can’t validate any of this, these are just visions that I had last night”, before mentioning that her visions weren’t “truth” but “the visions that [she] had” in which she is “just trying to connect the dots.”

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Another TikToker, @kelsiidaviess worked her through Petito’s social media and claimed she had visions of her being distressed.

While some TikTokers supported the mediums’ work, with one saying that she felt they were “genuine” and “spot-on”, others outed the clips as “disrespectful”.

“No one should be, because it’s truly unethical for any psychic medium to do so. The family didn’t ask you to. There is no consent. It’s wrong”, one commented.

“I feel so bad for people seeing everyone guessing on this. It’s devastating”, another said.

While people are often sceptical of psychic abilities, law enforcement have been known to employ them in the past as a part of their investigative work.

Indy100 has reached out to @kelsiidaviess and @kellythemagicalmedium for comment.

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