TikToker has warning for women after an AirPod was used to track her

TikToker has warning for women after an AirPod was used to track her
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A woman on TikTok has issued a warning after claiming an AirPod was used to track her.

In a viral post that has racked up almost 400,000 views, Dani (@danisodope) was left "shaken" by her discovery.

Dani shared a screenshot of a notification from Apple saying her AirPods had been "seen by the owner of this item" three and a half hours before she was informed.

She went on to say she was able to "zoom in and look at the map of where I was being tracked" and realised she was "tracked all the way from my sister’s house to the store and back."

Dani also claimed she could view all of the shops she visited during her day out on the map.


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Despite Dani turning her location off, she went on to share a separate occasion, in which she reportedly was tracked by an AirTag. Dani told viewers that she received a notification while at brunch with a friend that said she was being tracked by the device.

The scary situation prompted her to check on top of her licence plate where she allegedly found the AirTag strategically placed.

"Ladies, ya’ll got to be careful out here," Dani urged fellow TikTokers. "Be aware of your surroundings, get your face off that f*** phone when you’re walking out."

Dani has since informed the police after checking everywhere for the AirPod, including her car.

In a follow-up video, she wrote: "IT’S NOT THE CAR PEOPLE! Just a cover all my bases. I’ve looked all over this vehicle, and had the police help me look it’s not the vehicle."

Frustratingly, she is unable to turn off the device as she doesn't have the physical AirPod. Viewers have since urged the TikToker for an update on the situation.

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