Why Trump supporters are accusing Tom Hanks of deleting three years of tweets

Conspiracy theories are, by their very nature, bizarre.

But the latest one cooked up by a cohort of Trump supporters and conservative activists is that Tom Hanks has deleted three years’ worth of tweets.

Conspiracy theorists spread the claim across Twitter over the weekend, where it was picked up by hundreds of people, including former adult film star turn right-wing personality, Jenna Jameson.

According to them, the apparent disappearance of Hanks’ tweets is somehow linked to a conspiracy theory peddled by the anonymous QAnon.

It accuses Hanks as one of the celebrities involved in a ‘child-eating paedophile ring’ run by Hollywood insiders and Democrats.

Apparently Donald Trump is trying to bring it down.

There is no credible evidence that any of this is true.

But it means that conspiracy theorists are watching social media for any movement they can use as ‘evidence’.

Which is why they believed that Hanks’ disappearing tweets were a sign.

Only problem? The tweets were never deleted.

A Twitter glitch meant for a brief period Hanks’ tweets since 2017 didn’t show up on his main feed.

But visiting Hanks’ profile now clearly shows that all the ‘deleted’ tweets are still there.

Right up to his latest missive, sent on 22 May this year.

A suggestion: maybe it’s time some people went outside.

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