Tommy Robinson covered in strawberry milkshake whilst campaigning in Bury

Tommy Robinson covered in strawberry milkshake whilst campaigning in Bury

Tommy Robinson, the far-right activist, Islamophobe and former EDL leader is attempting to become a member of the European Parliament in the upcoming EU elections.

Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, is hoping to become the MEP for North West England but the early stages of his campaign aren't going according to plan.

A day after he was literally accused of 'spouting s**te' on the streets of Salford, Robinson was in Bury, Greater Manchester trying to attract more voters.

Not only did just a handful of his supporters show up for a speech that he gave in the town centre but someone also threw a strawberry milkshake over the 36-year-old.

Robinson, reported this first on his Telegram account stating at around 1:13 pm:

Had a strawberry milkshake thrown over me by some I dunno, I'd say some Muslim supporter of course. I'm going to Nandos.

This was then tweeted about by the Guardian's Josh Halliday before a video emerged of the beverage being thrown at Robinson and the culprit being chased down a street.

Given that people can't help but revel in Robinson's misfortune and rightly so, many, many jokes about the milkshake appeared online.

A bit later on, Robinson was seen running off from a group of men who were heckling him.

James Frith, the Labour MP for Bury North, later condemned Robinson's appearance in Bury and that he had no place in their town.

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