British far-right activist Tommy Robinson is campaigning to become an MEP for the North West of England.

This week he has been trying to convince people to vote for him by hitting the streets of Manchester but, much like the rest of his campaign, it isn't going too well.

During a Facebook live stream of Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, canvassing the streets of Salford, he got into a conversation with a woman.

He was probably hoping that the woman would have signed up to his rhetoric but, judging by the video, it quickly became apparent that she wasn't buying into anything he was saying.

At the start of the clip it appears that Robinson and the woman are talking about the Huddersfield grooming trial, which collapsed in October due to his interference.

Robinson seems to suggest that he is innocent, before being told by the woman that he is "spouting any old s***e".

As you can imagine, people took great pleasure in seeing Robinson put in his place like this.

This wasn't the only time that Robinson has been shut down during his trip to Manchester.

On Tuesday an picture of the activist with Manchester City's Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson appeared on social media.

However the player swiftly replied to the tweet explaining that he didn't know who he was and accused Danny Tommo, a supporter of the former EDL leader, of being a liar.

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