Donald Trump held a press conference on Wednesday.

More accurately, Donald Trump held a conference about the press.

He railed against what he deemed a 'fake news' network, CNN.

Some would argue this is a term he has twisted beyond recognition through his Twitter account, wilfully tweeting untruths and lies with all of the authority of the title 'President-elect'.

Note: Donald Trump lost the popular vote, and won the electoral college vote, 304 to 227.

CNN's Jim Acosta was shouted down by Trump when he tried to ask him a question.

Trump's justification was that he was "being rude" and that his network was "fake news".

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah has eloquently observed why such an action from a president-in-waiting is not only childish and irresponsible, but dangerous.

The private citizen doesn't have an obligation to listen to every viewpoint and outlet. It would be good if we all considered all views, but that's the ideal.

But for a president-elect to single out a mainstream outlet and attempt to tarnish their credibility in front of the country, simply because he doesn't like their agenda, is malignantly childish behaviour.

It also speaks to his view on being held to account. A leader would be inviting criticism to prove themselves against it.

That Donald Trump shows little interest in this...

... Speaks volumes.

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