Here's why Donald Trump could be impeached

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Friday 02 December 2016 09:15

Since his election victory, many have desperately clung to the hope that Donald Trump will be impeached from office before he even has time to say, “This presidential office chair sure is comfortable. It’s the greatest most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in”.

Impeachment is a ray of light amid the fog. A professor who’s correctly predicted every US election since 1984 has even predicted it will happen.

And here's how it actually could be possible:

Trump has many business interests spread across the globe, in at least 20 countries, including Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Brazil, China and India.

This could cause conflicts of interest – especially in Turkey, where officials have called for Trump’s name to be removed from Istanbul’s Trump Towers after he called for a ban on Muslims entering the US.

But, even more serious than that is one tiny clause in the US Constitution.

It's called the emoluments clause.

The clause states that the president can't accept gifts or money from foreign powers without the consent of Congress.

Having businesses across the world means Trump could profit from foreign governments, if, for instance, he hosts foreign diplomats in one of his hotels in Washington or New York.

And the Bank of China, which the Chinese goverenment operates, currently holds a lease in Trump Tower.

See - at least there's something to be hopeful for amid the shi*t show of the past three weeks.

Although, getting the consent of a Republican Congress might not prove to be all that difficult for Trump...

As you were.

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