You know how Trump's border wall is "virtually impenetrable"? Yeah, not so much.

And an eight-year-old girl has proven it.

It all started with a man named Rick Weber, who owns a rock-climbing park in Kentucky.

Taking the "impossible to climb" claim as a challenge, he decided to build an exact replica of Trump's wall.

Honestly, we have no choice but to stan such dedication to discrediting Trump's wild claims.

Weber plans to take his wall to "Rocktoberfest", a local rock climbing event.

(Yes, these are apparently a thing and it's delightful.)

But in the meantime, he decided to give eight-year-old Lucy Hancock a go on his creation. Apparently, she's into both climbing and politics, so she was all over the challenge.

Her mother posted a video on Facebook showing Lucy climbing the wall like it ain't no thing, and people were absolutely living for it.

She didn't use any ropes or tools to climb the wall, and declared it a 5.7 on the difficulty scale.

An adult climber, Erik Kloeker, managed to get up and over in under a minute.

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