People are mocking Trump's former campaign manager after being dropped by the president


For those keeping an eye on the US election, Donald Trump is not doing very well at all, leading him to remove Brad Parscale as his reelection campaign manager.

According to polling data from FiveThirtyEightTrump is currently down an average of 9.1 per centage points to Biden. This combined with the embarrassingly low attendance at his big return campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma may have lead to Trump's decision to replace Parscale with Bill Stepien who had previously worked for the former governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

Parscale, who had been in the job since 2018, has been demoted to his previous position in digital and data strategies, which the president confirmed on Twitter later on Wednesday.

Trump is said to have been unhappy with Parscale's performance in the role as of late and in recent weeks had begun to sideline the 44-year-old, who had a reputation of being quite vocal and outspoken on Twitter. Needless to say, news of his departure has been greeted with great enthusiasm from critics of the president and his administration.

One particular quote that is coming back to haunt Parscale, is him referring to Trump's campaign as 'the Death Star' from Star Wars. That's right the same Death Star that seems to get destroyed at the end of every movie. At least he managed to get off before the inevitable happened.

Although the decision to change his campaign manager four months before the election might not be seen as a wise move from the president it is unlikely to affect the overall running of the campaign, with Sky News reporting that his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner is the one who is essentially in charge.

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