Welcome to the nightmare world of Donald Trump fan art

'MAGA Ride' by Jon McNaughton
'MAGA Ride' by Jon McNaughton
Jon McNaughton/Twitter

Donald Trump Jr - soon to be seen appearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee to explain why his testimony to Congress about the Trump Tower meeting of June 2016 does not match the Mueller report - certainly has his fans.

The president's eldest son has almost as annoying a Twitter presence as his old man and recently liked a ludicrously flattering piece of fan art on the site, a pencil sketch by a Nevada-based artist known as Keith, who imagined him as a square-jawed Marvel hero.

It turns out Keith is a die-hard "MAGA" fan and has form in this area, complimenting his sketches of superheroes, 2Pac and Freddie Mercury with images of The Donald and other prominent right-wing celebrities, including the actor James Woods, recently banished from Twitter.

This one of Trump as part-elephant - symbol of the Republican Party - is especially harrowing, a terrifying echo of the Hindu god Ganesha:

Keith also has beef with the comedian and actor Jim Carrey:

As the artist himself explains, Carrey regularly posts unhinged topical paintings of his own on social media, many of which target Trump or his inner circle.

The king of this strange scene though remains Utah's Jon McNaughton, a self-styled "patriotic painter" whose style owes a debt to Emanuel Leutze, best known for Washington Crossing the Delaware (1851), which McNaughton reimagined as Crossing the Swamp last year.

But that's just the beginning of the nightmare world of Donald Trump fan art...

And who knows what else is lurking out there in the darkest corners of cyberspace?

What a strange and terrifying world we do live in.

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