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Donald Trump Jr has attempted to claim that Twitter is biased after #TrumpBodyCount began to trend on the social media site, and #ClintonBodyCount didn't.

On Sunday, the hashtag #TrumpBodyCount began to trend amid debates about president Donald Trump retweeting a conspiracy theory about the Clintons assassinating political enemies.

The trending phrase referenced another widely used hashtag, #ClintonsBodyCount.

The hashtag was being used to discuss the conspiracy theory that the Clintons are responsible for killing people who have the potential to harm their political reputation, reports the Daily Dot.

In response to the hashtag trending, Trump Jr tweeted:

Twitter allowing “Trump Body Count” to trend while “Clinton Body Count” has WAY more tweets (but isn’t trending) is peak Twitter.

Many other social media users were quick to counter Trump Jr's tweet:

On Saturday, president Trump retweeted a tweet from the conservative commentator Terrance K Williams, that suggested the Clintons were responsible for the recent death of the disgraced financier and convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

In the retweet, the hashtag #TrumpBodyCount and #ClintonBodyCount were both used:

On Saturday, Epstein was found dead in his prison cell, where he had been awaiting trial, and officials said that he had died by suicide, despite being on suicide watch following a recent attempt.

In response to the conspiracy theories shared by Trump, many social media users began using the hashtag #TrumpBodyCount in order to share examples where they thought that Trump was responsible for deaths.

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