During a long and rambling interview with the hosts' of Fox and Friends on Friday, Donald Trump likened his wife, Melania, to Jackie Onassis, the iconic partner of former president John F. Kennedy.

Trump's comment about his wife came during a discussion about his plans to repaint Air Force One, the current design of which was created by Jackie O.

Yet according to Trump, the current first lady is the equivalent of Jackie O but in his attempt to praise his wife, he managed to put his foot in it.

We have our own Jackie O. It’s called Melania…we’ll call it Melania T.

Whilst he was probably comparing Melania to the aura of Jackie O and the phenomenon that surrounded her in the 1960s, calling your wife 'it' is never a good look.

As you can guess, this didn't go unnoticed and the internet was quick to mock the president for this slip-up.

Predictably, there were more than a few Pennywise, the clown from the It movie, references.

Others just weren't sure if she should be compared to Jackie O.

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